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The Muddy Moose Bath Boutique
"A Country Look with a Spa Feel."
What a better way to end the stressful day than relaxing in a nice warm tub with your skin soaking up the nourishing oils and your mind reaping the benefits of the aromatherapy! Enjoy a total spa experience right in your own tub. As the bomb fizzes & dissolves it releases the oils to sooth your dry skin and essential oils that are released, go to work on your mind and soul. Each bomb weighs between 4-4.5 oz. Drop one bomb in your warm bath water. Think it's too big? Split it in half!! Get twice as much for your money!

100% All Natural Bath Bombs
Lip Butters
Do these little slider tins bring back memories of your childhood? 

These sweet little tins are filled with nourishing goodness for your lips. Simply slide them open, glide your fingertip over the butter and then rub onto your lips. They leave you lips velvety smooth and oh so kissable! 

We have both beeswax based and vegan selections.  

100% All Natural selections available as well!